・Notice of Discontinuation of “Dodgeball Rising” Development

This is an announcement for our decision to discontinue “Dodgeball Rising” development.
We were moving forward with the game development and planning to release it in 2018.
However, we have decided to discontinue the game development due to some circumstances.
We sincerely apologize to everyone who was looking forward to the release of this title.
We will constantly strive to improve our game development in order to provide you with satisfactory service.


「Dodgeball Rising」 is now scheduled to launch in 2018 (TBA)

Previously scheduled to enter Early Access on Steam on Dec. 14, 2017, rescheduling the title’s anticipated PC debut to invest more time and resources towards creating the ultimate showdown experience.


「Dodgeball Rising」enters Early Access on Steam December 14,2017

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Setting & Story
The game is set in the birthplace of dodgeball, the Land of the Rising Sun,
which is based on the era of samurai and ninja in Japanese history.

Science has created machines and automatons,
and samurai and ninja are commonplace—

Though the age of war had ended, battles to the death with katanas remained a daily occurrence.
A lord at the time saw the severity of this and decided to intervene.
He declared that all fights would be settled via dodgeball.

Duels were widely replaced with dodgeball,
but it was eventually taken up by civilians as entertainment,
and owning your own ball even became a status symbol.

As an enormous dodgeball enthusiast, the lord decided to hold a public competition. Seekers of strength, those after the prize or the money, hopefuls who wanted to marry the princess as their reward, and many other dodgeballers joined in.

Just who would manage to grasp victory?
This is the island nation known as the Land of the Rising Sun.
It‘s the birthplace of dodgeball,
and where the strongest warriors gather.
The key to victory, Rising Mode
If you work as a team to raise the Rising Gauge, you can activate Rising Mode. While Rising Mode is active, characters are powered up. Be sure to utilize Rising Skills to turn the tide of the match.
Fight using your own play style
Using the differing stats, play styles, and unique skills of each character,you can react to the opponent's character types, positioning, and tactical decisions with your own strategies.
Various offensive actions
Work with teammates for consecutive shots, tricks, slow shots,and other moves to surprise your opponents and keep them on their toes.
Exhilarating stages
Each court has its own gimmicks that influence matches, such as being able to fall of the edge.
Rules with clear victory conditions
Victory is defined simply by taking down your opponents. Outlast your opponents by playing well on the court.
An MVP system that recognizes your accomplishments
The Results screen shows who was the MVP of a match.
Both locally and online matches
Play either locally or online with up to 6 players.
Team RISING is a team experienced in developing a variety of games. Many of its members, inspired by the fun had when dodgeball was all the rage,   created Dodgeball Rising for all to once again experience that fun and excitement through video games.

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