KOJIRO/ Kabuki
Age 21
Height 175cm
Weight 55kg
Likes Kabuki, Chizuru, shamisen, flashy clothes, his lady fans
Hates Uncool things, lame clothes
An actor dedicated to kabuki at all times.
Always quick to jump on trends, Kojiro started to play dodgeball, causing his popularity with women to soar.
But his one true love, a geisha named Chizuru, won't give him the time of day.
In an attempt to get more attention from Chizuru and the rest of the world, he entered the dodgeball competition.
Character Type / Offense Type
Drains the ST(stamina) gauge of opponents hit by your shots to 0
Raises shot speed
Kojiro's Stage: Summer Siege
Temporarily prevent all opponents from jumping or boost jumping.

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